Journal Article Publication – Commonly Asked Questions

For most of the scholarly journals, there are several questions which many scholars and early career students have concerning journal article publication. Many great editors and authors as well have tried answering these questions to try and help out those who are in the process of curating journals. How important is an abstract, and how should it be formatted? An…

Publishing a Journal Article-Critical Steps

There are critical steps to publishing a journal article that you need to learn. You may be wondering what a journal article is. Just like a magazine, a journal is a composition of various articles that get published frequently throughout the year. In most cases, these are written by pros for their fellow experts as well in what is called…

The Research Process

Research methods outline the whole process that a researcher undertakes in collecting, analyzing, presenting and interpreting findings about a phenomena. Scientific methodology guides the researcher when carrying out research. The systematic approach provides a logical sequence for a researcher to follow when seeking to obtain objective data that can form the basis for authentic conclusions. Research methods in scientific research…

Publishing a research article

Publishing a research article is a core milestone of your professional journey. Researchers make huge strides to advance crucial knowledge. Achievements from a research process have saved many lives and improved the way in which people live. However, it is only by publishing a research article that you can shed light on the issues affecting humanity. Types of Research Articles…

Research Methods in Social Sciences

Research methods provides crucial guidance during the social science research. The researcher needs to choose methodological approaches that are consistent with the phenomenon being investigated and exhibiting friendliness to the population being studies.

Journal Article Publishing Landscape

The role of both authors and publishers is to keep abreast of the changes if they want to achieve their objectives. Thus, the journal article publishing landscape features multiple players and areas of consideration that you need to know as you engage in it.

Journal Article Publishing

The centrality of publishing a journal article in a high impact journal cannot be understated. Recently, there has been an intensified talk about charlatanry (person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill) in the world of academics and journal article publishing.