Sustainable Agricultural Practices among Rural Youth in Kenya: A Study of Attitudes and Behaviours


  • Dr. Ann Mugure Mureithi



This paper examines the attitudes and behaviors of rural youth in Kenya towards sustainable agricultural practices. Given the critical role of agriculture in Kenya's economy and the significance of the youth demographic, understanding these attitudes and behaviours is of paramount importance. By analysing existing research, this paper identifies the key factors influencing the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices among rural youth in Kenya and highlight the potential barriers and enablers that can facilitate their engagement in sustainable farming methods. The successful engagement of youth in sustainable agriculture in Kenya requires a multifaceted approach that addresses the numerous obstacles they face while capitalizing on their unique potential and interests. Given their position at the intersection of agricultural heritage and technological modernity, strategies aimed at youth engagement must be comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and forward-thinking.

Keywords: Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Rural Youth, Attitudes and Behaviours, Kenya


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