Land management, Ecology and Degradation in Australia


  • Andreeva Liniger Environment Institute of Australia, Balwyn
  • Laura Zander Environment Institute of Australia, Balwyn


Land degradation is an idea in which the value of the environment of biophysical is impacted by several associations of human activities affecting the land. It refers to the impairment of natural soil and its components in any ecosystem. It is also seen as a reduction of quality of lend caused by activities of human beings. This has been a major problem since 20th Century and it’s still the problem currently. The study has shown that the lands in the world have seriously degraded. Moreover, the main results of degradation of land is a remarkably decrease in the land productivity especially in the agricultural production and environmental ecosystem. The study captured the major causes of land degradation which include: Deforestation, Overgrazing, over irrigation, quarrying of stones or mining, Desertification, Infrastructure and Population density. The study also shows that adversely impacted remarkably large portions of arable land reducing the economy and wealth of the research region. As land reduces its productivity there’s increase in food insecurity and competition for the available resources. Therefore, the research provided the mitigate strategies of land degradation so as to reduce poverty and food insecurity at the study area.

Key words: Land management, Ecology and Degradation in Australia

Author Biographies

Andreeva Liniger, Environment Institute of Australia, Balwyn

Environment Institute of Australia, Balwyn

Laura Zander, Environment Institute of Australia, Balwyn

Environment Institute of Australia, Balwyn


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