Effect of Skill Acquisition on Entrepreneurship Development among Students in China

  • Razak Wu Qiang Peking University
  • Ji Yeung Peking University
  • Min Wi Matlay Peking University


Entrepreneurship growth is regarded as a critical linkage to the total economic development of a country through its positive influence on economic development, particularly at the lower levels. The study sought to determine the effects of skill acquisition on entrepreneurship development among students in China. The study depended on the preceding findings to make the inferences. The study findings indicated that skill acquisition significantly impacts entrepreneurship development. Entrepreneurship education provides essential abilities, skills, motivation and awareness to learners. Entrepreneurship education is crucial to restoring stagnated economics, promoting growth and lowering joblessness by offering new job opportunities. Entrepreneurship skill acquisition programs in learning institutions provide the knowledge required to exploit entrepreneurial opportunities, which usually assists economic growth. The China government has implemented numerous entrepreneurship development programs by bringing in entrepreneurship training courses and developing various departments dealing with entrepreneurship in numerous tertiary institutions to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with relevant skills. The study concluded that entrepreneurship skills spur development. The study recommended that tertiary institutions intensify entrepreneurial skills acquisition and training and more graduates will begin new sustainable businesses/ventures. The government, multinational firms and non-governmental organizations should work together and take on a comprehensive method that would undoubtedly result in the acquisition of relevant entrepreneurship skills in technical and vocational education that are likely to boost economic growth. Moreover, up-to-date training and re-training opportunities should be availed to the tertiary institutions in the Whole of China.

Keywords: Skill Acquisition, Entrepreneurship Development, Students, China

Author Biographies

Razak Wu Qiang, Peking University

Postgraduate student, Peking University

Ji Yeung, Peking University

Lecturer, Peking University

Min Wi Matlay, Peking University

Lecturer, Peking University

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Qiang, R. W., Yeung, J., & Matlay, M. W. (2022). Effect of Skill Acquisition on Entrepreneurship Development among Students in China. Journal of Entrepreneurship & Project Management, 6(3). https://doi.org/10.53819/81018102t5060