Impact of Cultural Factors on Entrepreneurial Intentions in Brazil


  • Tiago Dias Fagundes Universidade de SÃo Paulo
  • Dr. Luciano Oliveira Damasceno Universidade de SÃo Paulo



This study aimed to investigate the influence of cultural factors on entrepreneurial intentions in Brazil. The objectives were to examine the relationship between cultural factors and entrepreneurial intentions, identify specific cultural factors contributing to entrepreneurial intentions, and explore the mechanisms through which cultural factors influence entrepreneurial intentions. The study employed an exploratory research design and utilized qualitative analysis and content analysis of previous literature. The findings revealed that cultural dimensions such as collectivism, risk aversion, and societal expectations significantly impact entrepreneurial intentions in Brazil. The strong emphasis on family and community in Brazilian culture shapes the prevalence of family businesses and community-oriented ventures. Moreover, cultural norms and uncertainty avoidance influence individuals' willingness to engage in entrepreneurship. These findings highlight the importance of considering cultural factors in fostering an entrepreneurial culture in Brazil. The study's conclusions emphasize the need for targeted interventions and policies that take into account the cultural dynamics to support and nurture entrepreneurial aspirations in the country.

 Keywords: Cultural Factors, Entrepreneurial Intentions, Entrepreneurs

Author Biographies

Tiago Dias Fagundes, Universidade de SÃo Paulo

Postgraduate Student

Dr. Luciano Oliveira Damasceno, Universidade de SÃo Paulo



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