Project Length and Management Control: Case Study of IT System Upgrade in Berlin, Germany


  • Rolf Bartsch Khattak Humboldt University
  • Wolfgang Mützenich Podgórska Humboldt University
  • Dietmar Kubicki Rahman Humboldt University



Project length refers to the amount of time it takes to complete a particular project from start to finish. The complexity and size of the project scope can significantly impact the project length. The impact of project length on management control can vary depending on the location of the project. The availability and allocation of resources such as people, equipment, and funding can also affect project length. Effective management control and quality management can help project managers to identify potential issues, control costs, ensure compliance with project requirements and standards, and ultimately deliver a high-quality project that meets or exceeds stakeholders' expectations. Performance measurement is an essential component of management control. The research used the descriptive research design. The target population was 55 employees of the IT Company in Berlin, Germany.  The research did sampling of 43 participants that were chosen from the target population of 55 employees of the IT Company in Berlin, Germany. Questionnaires were utilized to gather the data. It was concluded that a longer project length may introduce additional risks, including changes in technology, evolving business requirements, and shifting stakeholder expectations. These factors necessitate ongoing adjustments and adaptations to the project plan, with a particular focus on ensuring the quality of the IT system upgrade. Vigilant management control practices, such as regular quality assessments, risk management, and effective communication, are crucial in mitigating these risks and maintaining a high standard of deliverables. The study recommended that a robust project governance structure should be established. This structure should clearly outline roles and responsibilities, decision-making processes, and communication channels. Appointing a competent project manager who possesses the necessary authority and resources to enforce control measures is vital. The project manager should be supported by a skilled and multidisciplinary team, fostering effective collaboration and information flow among team members and stakeholders.

Keywords: Project Length, Management Control, IT System Upgrade, Germany

Author Biographies

Rolf Bartsch Khattak, Humboldt University

Postgraduate Student, Humboldt University

Wolfgang Mützenich Podgórska , Humboldt University

Lecturer, Humboldt University

Dietmar Kubicki Rahman, Humboldt University

Lecturer, Humboldt University


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Khattak, R. B., Podgórska , W. M., & Rahman, D. K. (2023). Project Length and Management Control: Case Study of IT System Upgrade in Berlin, Germany. Journal of Entrepreneurship & Project Management, 7(9), 11–21.