Project Management Practices and Performance of Construction Projects: A Case of Kigali Golf club and Kigali Arena Stadium Projects under Supervision of Rwanda Housing Authority


  • Richard Gatsinzi Mount Kenya University Rwanda
  • Mercyline Kamande Mount Kenya University Rwanda



This research examined project management practices and performance in Rwanda's construction industry, with a focus on the Kigali Golf Club and Kigali ARENA projects. It assessed the impact of monitoring and evaluation practices, project risk management, and project leadership skills on performance. The study employs a mixed-method approach, collecting data from 166 respondents across various departments using questionnaires and interviews. The findings emphasize the significance of project monitoring and evaluation (mean score of 4.63), project risk management (mean score of 4.415), and project leadership skills (mean score of 4.63) in contributing to construction project performance. Overall, effective project management practices, including monitoring, evaluation, risk management, and leadership skills, are crucial for success in Rwanda's construction industry.

Keywords:  Project management, Practices, Performance, Construction projects, Rwanda

Author Biographies

Richard Gatsinzi, Mount Kenya University Rwanda

School of Business and Economics

Mercyline Kamande, Mount Kenya University Rwanda

School of Business and Economics


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Gatsinzi, R., & Kamande, M. (2023). Project Management Practices and Performance of Construction Projects: A Case of Kigali Golf club and Kigali Arena Stadium Projects under Supervision of Rwanda Housing Authority. Journal of Entrepreneurship & Project Management, 7(11), 59–71.