Organization Stakeholders’ Participation and Performance of Social Security Investment Fund Project: A Case of Rwanda Social Security Board, Kigali, Rwanda


  • Jean Claude Ndikumana Mount Kenya University, Rwanda
  • Njenga Gitahi, PhD Mount Kenya University, Rwanda



This research focuses on stakeholder participation and its impact on the performance of Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF) projects at Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB).Stakeholder theory, introduced by Edward Freeman, guides the study, emphasizing the importance of considering diverse stakeholder interests in decision-making. The specific objectives include assessing how organizational stakeholders influence project performance, exploring the role of effective communication in project collaboration, and examining the impact of stakeholder participation on project service satisfaction at RSSB.  The study will play role of relevant information and library increase at Mount Kigali. The study employs both descriptive and correlational statistics, using a mixed-methods approach with a target population of 810 stakeholders. Data analysis involves SPSS software, and questionnaires, distributed to 80 respondents, support empirical findings. The research is significant for Rwanda's economic development and contributes insights into global good governance practices. The findings highlights positive stakeholder engagement, with a mean rating of 4.42 and a moderate standard deviation of 0.807, signifying active involvement and reasonable level of agreement among respondents. Stakeholders are notably engaged in resource allocation and risk management, receiving a high mean score of 4.62 with low standard deviations, indicating consensus and well- received participation. Additionally, stakeholder involvement positively impacts company members' satisfaction and acceptance, with a mean score of 4.12, emphasizing their vital role in enhancing overall project performance. However, challenges in conflict resolution need significant improvement to maintain this positive trajectory. In the second part, the results reveal favorable financial trends, such as Bralirwa's increased market capitalization to Rwf 4.323 billion and Bank of Kigali's fair value gain on equity investment. RSSB should provide training and awareness programs can help stakeholders understand their roles and contributions better, and the establishment of clear roles and responsibilities ensures accountability and regular performance evaluations.

Keywords: Organization, Stakeholders’ participation, social security investment, fund      project, Rwand.

Author Biographies

Jean Claude Ndikumana, Mount Kenya University, Rwanda

School of Business and Economics

Njenga Gitahi, PhD, Mount Kenya University, Rwanda

School of Business and Economics


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Ndikumana, J. C., & Gitahi, N. (2024). Organization Stakeholders’ Participation and Performance of Social Security Investment Fund Project: A Case of Rwanda Social Security Board, Kigali, Rwanda. Journal of Entrepreneurship & Project Management, 8(2), 66–77.




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