Human Resource Management Practices and Employee Performance in Canon Chemicals Limited in Kenya


  • Roselyn Nyaguthii Muchiri Kenyatta University
  • Jedidah Vika Muli, PhD. Kenyatta University



Human Resource Management Practices (HRMPs), Performance Management.


Although several studies have been done on the notion and context of Human Resource Management Practices (HRMPs) and their influence on employee performance in numerous organizations, none has been done within the cosmetic industry in Kenya. Therefore, there was a need for a study to be carried out concentrating on Kenya's cosmetic industry on what HRMPs impact on employee performance. The study was conducted at Canon Chemicals Limited in Mavoko Sub County, Kenya. The specific objectives were to determine the effects of compensation and workers participation on employee performance. The study utilized descriptive research design. A sample of 40 participants was selected using census approach since the population at Canon Chemicals Limited was small. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from the study participants and all the distributed questionnaires were duly filled and returned. Descriptive statistics used were frequencies and percentage distribution, while inferential analysis were correlations and regression. The findings of the study suggest a moderate relationship between HRMPs and overall employee performance. Contrary to expected results, regression analysis did not show a significant relationship between HRMPs under consideration and employee performance. Therefore, HRMPs should not be generalized to enhance employee performance; rather, other confounding factors that are out of scope in this current study may play a significant role in overall employee performance. The result of this study is an indication that Canon Chemicals Limited should improve on all the aspects of human resource management practices that include employee compensation and employee participation to spur overall employee performance. The organization needs to carry out regular surveys and have merit employee motivation and embrace a human resource management practices policy.

Keywords: Human Resource Management Practices (HRMPs), Performance Management.


Author Biographies

Roselyn Nyaguthii Muchiri, Kenyatta University

Post Graduate Student, Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management Option)


Jedidah Vika Muli, PhD., Kenyatta University

Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, School of Business.



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