Critical Review of Apple’s Advertising Strategies in North America

  • Thomas Luke University of Alberta
  • Benjamin Emmett University of Alberta


Advertising is a form of communication meant to lead an audience towards a particular decision concerning a product, service, or idea. Advertising sometimes uses narratives for marketing a product. This type of advertising involves the use of a story to sell a good, product, or service. The use of narratives in marketing has become widely used over the past years as other forms of marketing became redundant and ineffective. Narratives evoke a feeling in the audience and are a more effective method than previous ads and marketing tools. Apple uses its narrative in all the advertisements that it does. It researches its consumers’ needs and past purchasing behavior and uses that information to develop strategies that influence the purchasing behavior of targeted consumers. This paper sought to research the advertising strategies that Apple uses to promote its products, how Apple uses narratives in its advertising, how the brand influences consumer purchasing behavior, and an analysis of how companies have imitated the company’s advertising strategies. 

Keywords: Apple, Advertising Strategies & North America

Author Biographies

Thomas Luke, University of Alberta

University of Alberta

Benjamin Emmett, University of Alberta

University of Alberta


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