Procurement programs and Supply Chain Management in Switzerland

  • Senyk Pigneur Preuss University of Geneva
  • Simatupang Stank Weikum University of Geneva


The study sought to examine the development in the field of procurement and supply chain management in Switzerland. The study was literature-based. Procurement and supply chain are considered to be the main points when conducting organizational activities. The study's findings showed that Switzerland has many international companies that successfully utilize incorporated supply chains to integrate tax obligation and customized with pure commercial and logistical factors to consider, therefore promoting business atmosphere and attracting more to the country. The study indicated that procurement is the procedure of getting the goods needed while supply chain is the framework required to get those items. Supply chain monitoring manages a network of affiliated companies associated with the supreme arrangement of product or services plans needed by end customers. The study concluded that the presence of universities and other tertiary institutions of learning in Switzerland offering supply chain management studies had encouraged the society of procurement and supply chain management in the country. Immediate communication between suppliers and consumers allows for prompt updates of information, excellent framework, availability of certified professionals, adequate support of government agencies, affordable tax rates, and a cosmopolitan setting foster the business' growth. The research recommended that Switzerland continue with the promotion of tranquility and security to attract even more individuals to invest in their nation because it is politically stable.  E-Supply Chain should be monitored and favorable tax rates need to be initiated in the process. The colleges and institutions need to be supported with money and certified personnel to teach procurement and supply chain management in higher learning institutions.

Keywords: supply chain, management, procurement, Switzerland 


Author Biographies

Senyk Pigneur Preuss, University of Geneva

University of Geneva

Simatupang Stank Weikum, University of Geneva

University of Geneva


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