Staff Competence, Management Support and Service Delivery in Public Health Sector: A Case Study of Mbagathi District Hospital, Nairobi City County

  • Patrick Chepkonga Management University of Africa
  • Juster Nyaga Management University of Africa


The study investigated the influence of staff competences and management support on the quality of service delivery in public hospitals. The target population for this study comprised of 273 employees and 10,000 patients in Mbagathi district hospitals within Nairobi County. Simple random sampling was used to select 398 employees and patients while census was done on the 8 management staff. This study used primary data, both quantitative and qualitative. Primary data was obtained from the original sources using a structured questionnaire and captured through a 5-point type Likert scale. A Likert scale questionnaire was preferred as it makes it possible to convert responses into quantitative format for ease of data analysis using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Interview guide was also used to obtain information from the management of district hospital. The questionnaires were self-administered using the drop and pick later method. A pilot study was undertaken on 5% of the sample population. Findings indicated that there was a positive and significant relationship between staff competence, management support and service delivery in public hospitals in Kenya. The study concluded that offering training to the staff, staff trained regularly, staff equipped with adequate and necessary skills are key impetus to service delivery. Recognition and rewards on members of staff, championing for the achievement, openness and transparency, management encouraging professionalism, monitoring and evaluation of the facility performance influences service delivery in hospitals. Conducive working environment acted as a motivating agent for employees to work better and get job satisfaction in the hospital. It was recommended that Mbagathi Hospital management should acquire, develop, and retain the qualified resources in order to address the dynamics of the environment and the ever-changing technology. Management should recognize and reward members of staff and champion for the achievement of set goals and objectives.

Keywords: Staff competence, management support, service delivery and Mbagathi District Hospital

Author Biographies

Patrick Chepkonga, Management University of Africa

Graduate Student, School of Management and Leadership

Juster Nyaga, Management University of Africa

Lecturer, School of Management and Leadership


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