A Critical Review of Gun Violence Management in United States of America

  • Grayson Hudson University of Minnesota
  • Blake Weston University of Minnesota


This paper presents a critical review of gun violence management in United States of America. In order to be able to effectively reduce gun violence, the focus cannot solely remain on gun control reform; it is necessary for the anti-gun movement to align itself with the anti-neoliberal movement that is calling for changes for systematic social and economic changes that will bring about a shift in values, norms, and attitudes that shape social structures and relationships. This is especially important since passing gun-related legislation has been an uphill battle, especially at the federal level. it may be necessary to develop a strong popular movement that will effectively counter pro-gun organizations such as the NRA and provide the argument for gun control with the same political savvy and sway that is displayed by the NRA.

Keywords: Gun Violence Management, NRA, United States of America

Author Biographies

Grayson Hudson, University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

Blake Weston, University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota


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