Influence of Agricultural Project Management Practices on Agricultural Production: Case Study of Musanze District, Rwanda


  • Nzabonimana Jean Claude University of Kigali, Rwanda
  • Dr. Emmanuel Bugingo University of Kigali, Rwanda



This study aimed to evaluate the performance of agricultural projects and their subsequent impact on agricultural production in Musanze District, Rwanda. The research primarily focused on the analysis of environmental impacts linked to these agricultural projects, with a particular emphasis on resource consumption. In addition, the study explored the influence of project planning, monitoring, and evaluation on the performance of these agricultural projects within Musanze County. The research encompassed a sample size of 120 participants, which included members of the district agricultural unit, farmers from Musanze, managers and employees of agricultural projects, as well as beneficiaries of these projects. The sample size was determined using Slovin’s formula, resulting in a final count of 92. The researcher employed a purposive sampling approach, selecting individuals with similar qualities and information relevant to the study. Data were collected through documentary studies, interviews, and questionnaires. To analyze the collected data, the researcher utilized the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to conduct descriptive and correlation analyses. This statistical approach enabled a comprehensive assessment of the gathered information and its implications for the performance of agricultural projects in Musanze District. The study used multiple regression analysis to explore the relationship between independent and dependent variables, specifically the impact of project management practices on agricultural production. The model was significant with an F statistic of 8.7 and a P value of 0.00. The adjusted R-squared was 0.937, indicating that the independent variables explained 93.7% of the variance in the dependent variable. The parameters related to project planning and project M&E were found to significantly influence agricultural production. The study emphasizes the importance of effective planning, implementation strategies, and robust monitoring and evaluation systems in enhancing agricultural production.

Keywords: Agricultural Project, Management Practices, Agricultural Production, Musanze District, Rwanda

Author Biographies

Nzabonimana Jean Claude , University of Kigali, Rwanda

Student, Business Administration in Project Management, University of Kigali, Rwanda

Dr. Emmanuel Bugingo, University of Kigali, Rwanda

Senior Lecturer, Business Administration in Project Management, University of Kigali, Rwanda


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