Effect of Procurement Practices on the Performance of Construction Projects; A Case of SONATUBE-Sahara-Kabeza Road in Kicukiro District Rwanda


  • Peace Umutoni University of Kigali, Rwanda
  • Dr. Akumuntu Joseph University of Kigali, Rwanda




The purpose of this research was to examine the effect of Procurement practices on Performance of construction on project in Rwanda, because despite the important role played by the Procurement Act, some government institutions in Rwanda still practice lengthy bureaucratic procurement processes in acquiring goods and services, corruption and discriminatory awards of tenders, hence has made some government projects to fail. The researcher used three specific objectives: To analyze the effect of procurement practices on performance of construction of Kanombe presidential road; to examine the effect of tendering system on performance of construction of Sonatube-Sahara-Kabeza road; to assess the effect contract administration on performance of construction of construction of Sonatube-Sahara-Kabeza road.  To achieve these objectives, literatures were reviewed on the subject matter, and then data were collected from 133 employees of NPD COTRACO LTD and they were chosen by using census sampling technique. A questionnaire, observation, interview guide and documentation were used as tools of data collection. Data was analyzed by using both quantitative data and qualitative data. To get primary data, the researcher went to the field and collected raw data from respondents, in this study, questionnaires, interviews and observations were used to collect primary data. Secondary data was collected by way of document reviews. The R value of 0.870 indicated a strong relationship between the predictors and the performance of construction projects. The R Square value of 0.758 indicates that approximately 75.8% of the variability in the outcome variable can be explained by the predictors in the model. Overall, this model summary indicates a significant relationship between the procurement practices and the outcome variable performance of construction projects. Specifically, procurement planning has a coefficient of (β= 0.184, t=2.303, p value=0. 023), tendering system has a coefficient of (β= 0.252, t=4.168, p value=0.000), Contract administration effectiveness has a coefficient of (β= 0.289, t=3.280, p value=0.001), and Mediating variables has a coefficient of (β= 0.233, t=3.535, p value=0.001). As indicated by their associated Sig. Values 0.05, these coefficients have significant effect on Performance of performance of construction of Sonatube-Sahara-Kabeza road. Kicukiro District is recommended to establish a strong procurement planning process, ensuring meticulous project preparation and resource allocation.

Keywords: Procurement Practices, Private projects, project performance, procurement planning, tendering system.

Author Biographies

Peace Umutoni, University of Kigali, Rwanda

Master of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, University of Kigali, Rwanda

Dr. Akumuntu Joseph, University of Kigali, Rwanda

Senior Lecturer, University of Kigali, Rwanda


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Umutoni, P., & Akumuntu , J. (2024). Effect of Procurement Practices on the Performance of Construction Projects; A Case of SONATUBE-Sahara-Kabeza Road in Kicukiro District Rwanda. Journal of Procurement & Supply Chain, 8(3), 1–14. https://doi.org/10.53819/81018102t2394




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