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Prof. Stern Cohen, Canada stern@stratfordjournals.org Department of Strategic Leadership, University of Waterloo.
Prof. Thomas Malnight, Switzerland malnight@stratfordjournals.org Professor of Strategy and Leadership and General Management at International Institute for Management Development.
Dr. Mary Crossan, Canada mary@stratfordjournals.org Organizational learning, strategic management, leadership character Ivey Business School - Western University.
Prof. Joan Marques, USA joan@stratfordjournals.org Dean and professor of strategic management at Woodbury University in Burbank.
Dr. Fei Song, Japan song@stratfordjournals.org Chair/Professor of HRM/OB in the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University.
Prof Noushi Rahman, USA noushi@stratfordjournals.org Business Management & Leadership, Harvard Extension School.
Dr. Rajesh Kumar, India rajesh@stratfordjournals.org Department of Human Resource Management Annamalai University, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
Dr. David Major, USA major@stratfordjournals.org Assistant Professor of Professional Practice; and Academic Director, One MBA Global Executive Program.
Prof. Taylor Phillips, USA taylor@stratfordjournals.org Assistant Professor, Management and Organizations Department.


Journal of Strategic Management is peer reviewed by world's best reviewers and is published by Stratford Peer Reviewed Journals and Books globally. This journal covers the field of business strategies and strategic studies. It has hosted works for the best authors in this field. Submission For all submissions in this journal, use the following procedure: Publication fees: To publish in this journal, you will be required to make a payment of USD 150.