Strategic Analysis of Opportunities and Risks for New Zealand Drug Firms


  • Ruby Amelia University of Auckland
  • Noah Isla University of Auckland



Firms have ambitions that they will grow and become a global entity with high returns. Several New Zealand companies such as Merck & Co., Novartis and Roche have been successful whereas others have tried and not succeeded for different reasons. There are usually several factors to put under consideration and many crossroads on the road to success of becoming a profitable multinational company. Whichever way a company decides to follow, clear strategies are usually paramount. This paper presents a comparative analysis of the opportunities and risks of expanding to either China or Africa. The paper an analysis the opportunities and risks that New Zealand drug firms looks into in its aspiration to expand its market base after sales recorded indicated a stall. For sustainability, New Zealand drug firms looks into expanding its products to either China or Africa, which are foreign markets. The paper further outlines on the factors that favor market entry into the foreign market and makes a justification for the preferred choice.

Keywords: Strategic Analysis, Opportunities and Risks, China, Africa & New Zealand Drug firms.

Author Biographies

Ruby Amelia, University of Auckland

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Noah Isla, University of Auckland

University of Auckland, New Zealand


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