Strategic Records Management Practices and Small Enterprises at Kenyan Coast


  • Dr. Uzel Jean Mutindi Mzera Technica University of Mombasa



Strategic Record Management is a crucial element in the future growth and development of any organization yet researchers have established that not all organizations pay close attention to this key element.  Globally, the growth of small enterprises has been adopted by countries   to improve their economies, create wealth and reduce poverty. However, small enterprises have been facing many challenges with reference to strategic record management which have thwarted their efforts towards sustainability and long-term growth. The study sought to establish the influence strategic record management and Small Enterprise Growth in Kenyan Coast. It specifically investigated the types and procedures of strategic records as well as the perceptions of enterprise owners towards strategic records management. A semi structured questionnaire was administered to 384 businesses that   were sampled through simple random sampling. Reliability and validity of the questionnaire    was done using Cronbach’s Alpha whose results were reliable at above 0.7. Data was analyzed using descriptive as well as inferential statistics with the help of Statistical Package for Social Scientists. Particularly noteworthy was the strong positive linear relationship between Growth of SMEs and TSR (R= 0.645, p-value= 0.000). However, the dependent variable showed a moderate correlation with PEO (R= 0.228, p-value= 0.000). These Pearson correlation coefficients indicated the individual impact of each variable on a unit increase in Growth of SMEs. It was further revealed that a one unit increase of TSR was associated with a 0.021 unit increase in growth of small enterprise. Besides, a unit increase in PEO yielded a 0.400 unit increase in growth of small enterprises. The findings of the study revealed that there was a significant relationship between strategic records management and the growth of small enterprises in Kenyan coast. The study identified certain key strategic record management records that were necessary for growth of SEs such as financial records, customer records and procurement records among others. The study also established that SE owners had a positive attitude towards strategic record management but variety of tools which can provide and generate the required info to meet managerial needs. The study concluded that there was need for creation of awareness, training and continuous improvement with reference to the uptake of strategic records management practices by small enterprises in Kenyan Coast.

Key Words: Strategic Records Management, Growth of Small Enterprises, Kenyan Coast.


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