The Strategic Roles of Information Technology in XYZ Paper Industry Limited, Kenya


  • Lillian Wanjiku Kanyuga Daystar University


Strategic Role of Information Technology, XYZ Paper Industry Limited, Kenya


The digital revolution has given mankind the ability to treat information with mathematical precision, to transmit it at very high accuracy and to manipulate it at will. Information Technology innovations have the potential for changing the competitive game for any organization. This is because it helps to catalyze efficiency in the provision of better procedures resulting in better production and services. This study aimed at examining the strategic roles of Information Technology in XYZ Paper Industry Limited. The study used descriptive research design and used 51 who were drawn from various departments of XYZ Paper Industry Limited. The study made use of both secondary (literature review) and primary data. Primary data was collected by means of questionnaires and analysed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). It was found that Information Technology plays a strategic role in the company,which results in improved financial performance of the company. This research concluded that Information Technology indeed has a stategic role in the improvement of financial performance.

Keywords: Strategic Role of Information Technology, XYZ Paper Industry Limited, Kenya

Author Biography

Lillian Wanjiku Kanyuga, Daystar University

School of Business and Economics


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