Strategic Management Practices and Performance of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Kitui County, Kenya


  • Joseph Risper Mumbe Kenyatta University
  • Dr. Reuben Njuguna Kenyatta University


strategic management practices, performance, small and medium enterprises, Kitui County


The purpose of this study was to investigate strategic management practices and performance of small and medium enterprises in Kitui County, Kenya. The study used a descriptive research design and targeted 442 SMEs in Kitui town, which have the necessary structures to implement strategic management practices. The sample size was 111 small and medium sized enterprises, 30 per cent of the target population and adopted stratified random sampling. Questionnaires were the main source of primary data and Cronbach's Alpha was used to test the validity and consistency of the research instrument. Data analysis was done using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and descriptive statistical tools were used for presentation. The study found that service delivery, ICT and customer service had a positive and significant effect on performance of small and medium-sized enterprises in Kitui County, Kenya.  Based on the findings, it was concluded that small and medium enterprises in Kitui County, Kenya have adopted strategic policies or practices. However, they were being affected by factors such as economic, political, environmental, and technological factors, as well as, competition. The study concluded that performance of SMEs based on financial and non-financial indicators has been largely influenced by adoption of strategic management practices. The study therefore, recommends entrepreneurs to place their focus and emphasis on the services offered to customers. They should endeavour to make their customers satisfied with their services and the products they offer to them. This thus ensures that the SMEs have an assured market/customer for their products which means constant and improved sales and profits. In the highly competitive market and increased globalizations of services, entrepreneurs should maximize on their use of Information Technology in their business operations. It has completely transformed the way businesses are run and is an assurance of improved services and operations for instance in the innovation of the product, market and the supply chain performance. Service delivery, for instance, could be largely boosted by a good online marketing platform where the entrepreneur could advertise, communicate and sell his product to the target customers conveniently.

Keywords: strategic management practices, performance, small and medium enterprises, Kitui County

Author Biographies

Joseph Risper Mumbe, Kenyatta University

Post Graduate Student

Dr. Reuben Njuguna, Kenyatta University

Lecturer, School of Business


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