Organizational Leadership Styles and Change Management in Telecommunication Industry in Kenya: Case Study of Telkom Kenya


  • Divinah Rachel Nyaera Management University of Africa
  • Dr. Washington Okeyo, Ph.D Management University of Africa


Organisational Leadership Styles, Change Management, Telecommunication Industry, Telkom Kenya.


The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of organizational leadership styles on change management in the telecommunication industry with the specific reference to Telkom Kenya Ltd. The study was anchored on, Adaptive leadership theory, and Kurt Lewin change theory. The target population was 1450 employees of Telkom Kenya. Stratified proportional sampling was used to get a suitable sample of 145 respondents and the study adopted a descriptive research design. Questionnaires were the main data collection tool and they were pilot tested on 15 staff at Telkom Thika branch before being administered to the target audience. Analysis of data was done using Statistical Package for Social Sciences Version 24. Descriptive statistics, specifically, means, averages and percentages were used to analyse individual variables. Simple tabulations were used to presented descriptive statistics. This study also used inferential statistics to examine the relationship between the study variables. Data was analysed using quantitative methods through regression analysis and presentation of data was in form of tables and figures. The study established that organizational leadership styles have significant effect on change management. Specifically the findings indicate that organizational leadership style and change management are positively and significantly related (r= 0.685, p<0.01). This study concluded that organizational leadership styles play an important role in change management such that change in the leadership style results in positive variation in change management. The study recommended that, Telkom Kenya should treat leadership styles in the organization as one of the critical survival factors when implementing changes.

Key Words: Organisational Leadership Styles, Change Management, Telecommunication Industry, Telkom Kenya.

Author Biographies

Divinah Rachel Nyaera, Management University of Africa

Master of Management and Leadership

Dr. Washington Okeyo, Ph.D, Management University of Africa



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