Influence of Market Philosophy Management on Export Performance in Regional Markets: Empirical Study from North America


  • Alexander Montero Martinez IPADE Business School, Mexico
  • Pedro G. Gonzalez IPADE Business School, Mexico


Market, Philosophy, Management, Export, performance, North America


The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of market philosophy management on export performance in regional markets: empirical research from North America. This is the philosophy that customers will certainly prefer items that are readily available and very affordable which management should therefore focus on boosting production and distribution performance. Production idea focuses on reduced manufacturing prices, high production performance and mass production (large volume of production). Manufacturing principle is among the earliest company concepts. According to this concept, customers prefer cheap and also quickly readily available products obtainable on the unsaturated market. This research study was a literary works based. Based upon the reviewed literature, for the low export participation companies, distribution capacity can supply the assistance and cooperation needed to take care of the export channels effectively bring about new market growth as well as increased export sales. On the other hand, high export involvement companies have the essential export experience as well as sources and are efficiently handling the circulation channels in the present export markets. There are five completing concepts under which organizations can select to operate their organization; the manufacturing idea, the product idea, the marketing idea, the advertising concept, and also the alternative marketing concept. The four components of alternative advertising are partnership advertising, inner marketing, incorporated advertising, and also socially receptive advertising. The collection of interactions required for effective advertising and marketing administration consists of, catching advertising and marketing understandings, getting in touch with customers, constructing solid brand names, forming the marketplace offerings, delivering and also connecting value, producing lasting growth, and also establishing advertising approaches as well as plans.

Key Words: Market, Philosophy, Management, Export, performance, North America

Author Biographies

Alexander Montero Martinez, IPADE Business School, Mexico

Graduate Candidate

Pedro G. Gonzalez, IPADE Business School, Mexico



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