Welcome to Stratford Peer Review Journal & Book Publishing (SPRJBP). Stratford Peer Review Journal & Book Publishing (SPRJBP) is an organization of Researchers willing to take the world forward by publishing online open access journals that are peer-reviewed.

We publish journals for both academic and Corporate. These are Articles and papers in the field of Business, Economics, Education, Strategic Management, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Engineering, Marketing, Communication and Information Technology. All students pursuing their post-graduate or Ph.D and are required by their institutions to publish their articles can do so at Stratford Peer Review Journals at affordable prices. Our journal system is made primarily for the purpose of making open access publishing a viable option for more journals, as open access can increase a journal’s readership as well as its contribution to the public good on a global scale.

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We encourage that all works, researches in any field to be reviewed and published by us. You can simply email us your paper and/or article for review then we will get back to you once we are done.