Business Development Fund Services and Performance of Women Farming Projects in Rwanda: A Case of Fromagerie Izihirwe Project, Rutsiro District


  • Tuyizere Anny Olive Mount Kenya University
  • Dr. Gitahi Njenga Mount Kenya University



This study sought to assess the contribution of business development fund services and performance of women farming projects with a case of Fromagerie Izihirwe Project. Specifically, the study was guided by the following specific objective: To determine the effect of accessibility of financial resources on the performance of Fromagerie Izihirwe Project, to assess the effect of training on the performance of Fromagerie Izihirwe Project, to evaluate the effect of networking on the performance of Fromagerie Izihirwe Project. Descriptive research design was applied because it helped the researcher to analyze the contribution of Business Development Fund’s services on the performance of women project; the target population was 57 employees of Fromagerie Izihirwe Cooperative. By using census, the sample size was 57 who were involved in project performance to provide the needed information. A questionnaire, containing close-ended questions was used as primary data collection tool and documentary review applied for collecting secondary data. The collected data analyzed by using SPSS version 21 for the mean, standard deviation, correlation and regression analysis. The presentation of findings was done by using tables, the pilot study was performed to test validity and reliability of instruments used in data collection. The findings showed that there is strong positive correlation between financial resources and performance of Fromagerie Izihirwe project at .871. On the other training program is correlated to performance of Fromagerie Izihirwe project at .853 while networking is correlated with performance of Fromagerie Izihirwe Project at .824. The results showed Business Development Fund Services influence performance of Fromagerie Izihirwe project multiple regression of R2=83.5%. In conclusion, Business Development Fund Services play great role to the performance of women farming project through various support offered to the project such as accessibility of financial resources, provision of training and creation of networking. The study recommended that Fromagerie Izihirwe project to increase the level of revenues as the way of reducing poverty.

Keywords: Business Development Fund, Performance, Accessibility, Training, Networking

Author Biographies

Tuyizere Anny Olive, Mount Kenya University

Postgraduate Student

Dr. Gitahi Njenga, Mount Kenya University



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Olive, T., & Njenga, G. (2023). Business Development Fund Services and Performance of Women Farming Projects in Rwanda: A Case of Fromagerie Izihirwe Project, Rutsiro District. Journal of Entrepreneurship & Project Management, 7(3), 119–143.




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