Project Material Management and Performance of Construction Projects: A Case of Pitrad Ibamba Ltd in Kigali City, Rwanda


  • Rutagengwa Nadine Mount Kenya University, Rwanda
  • Dr. Eugenia Nkechi Irechukwu Mount Kenya University, Rwanda



The study aimed to determines the role of material management in the performance of construction projects in Rwanda. The study used two theories, the theory of constraints and the theory of change. The study found that accurate material planning is important for the performance of construction projects. The study also found that the cost of storing materials and the standard of transport mechanisms have a significant impact on the performance of construction projects. The study recommends that contractors adopt best management practices, such as giving enough and professional figures of labor and materials, using detailed cost estimation, and using adequate bidding documents. The study also concluded that contractors focus on issues that impact cost management, involve experts in cost estimation, and renew staff members through in-service training, refresher courses, and workshops on cost management systems. The study recommends that there is a need for in-service training and capacity building for construction management of material in Rwanda. Further studies are needed to establish the efficiency of these mechanisms for managing construction projects.

Keywords: Project Material Management, Performance, Construction Projects, Pitrad Ibamba Ltd, Kigali City


Author Biographies

Rutagengwa Nadine , Mount Kenya University, Rwanda

Master's student, Business Administration, Mount Kenya University


Dr. Eugenia Nkechi Irechukwu, Mount Kenya University, Rwanda

Lecturer, Business Administration, Mount Kenya University



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2023-06-23 — Updated on 2023-06-23


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Rutagengwa, N., & Irechukwu, E. N. (2023). Project Material Management and Performance of Construction Projects: A Case of Pitrad Ibamba Ltd in Kigali City, Rwanda. Journal of Entrepreneurship & Project Management, 7(6), 21–38.




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