Strategic Planning and Performance of Women’s Small Sized Business in Rwanda: A Case of Kigali City


  • Emmanuel Mutabazi Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda
  • Dr. Njenga Gitahi



This research explored the effect of strategic planning practices on performance of women in small and medium enterprises in Kigali City, Rwanda. Specifically, the study determined effect of vision strategy on women entrepreneurs’ performance in small and medium enterprises from Kigali City, to analyze effect of growth strategy on women entrepreneurs’ performance in small and medium enterprises from Kigali City, and to ascertain effect of competitive strategy on women entrepreneurs’ performance in small and medium enterprise from the Kigali City. The researcher used resource-based view theory, institutional theory, and upper echelon theory. A descriptive and analytical design where the mixed approach was adopted. The target population was 478 persons. The sample size was 218 respondents and five key informants. Results to the first objective revealed a positive association between guiding customers and sales (r=0.320**, p-value=0.001), investment (r=0.317, p-value=0.001). Significant correlation between for clear reason vibrant goal and specific objectives (r=0.408*, p-value=0.048), and with profit (r=0.716, p=0.000). Results on the correlation between vibrant goal and specific objectives and dependent variables, indicate a significant correlations between vibrant goal and specific objectives and sales (r=.407**, p=0.000), investment (r=538, p=0.000). Results to second objectives felt positive association between volunteering strategies with sales (r=0.424**, p=0.000), investment (0.740**, p=0.000), profit (0.484**, p-value=0.000). Findings from the third objective felt significant association between the mark cost concertation and sales (r=0.244**, p=0.013), investment (r=0.322*, p=0.001) with profit (r=0.270*, p=0.006). A positive high significance was established between acquiring same sector with sales (r=0.181*, p=0.063).The study recommends to understand strategic execution in place to attain organization objectives, to endure the unserved efforts to improve skills and willingness.

Keywords: Competitive Strategy, Growth Strategy, Performance, Strategic Planning, Vision Strategy

Author Biographies

Emmanuel Mutabazi , Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda

School of Business and Economics, Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda

Dr. Njenga Gitahi

School of Business and Economics, Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda


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Mutabazi, E., & Njenga, G. (2023). Strategic Planning and Performance of Women’s Small Sized Business in Rwanda: A Case of Kigali City. Journal of Strategic Management, 7(3), 78–93.




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