Strategic Planning Practices and Performance of Micro-Finance Industry in Rwanda: A Case of Study of Jali Finance Ltd


  • Ms. Francine Abeza Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda
  • Dr. Gitahi Njenga Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda



This study explored effect of strategic planning practices on performance of micro-finance industry in Rwanda. The study used a descriptive study design with a correction regression size effect with both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The study targeted 300 employees of Jali Finance Ltd and the sample size was 171 employees to be sampled utilizing purposive and simple random sampling techniques from various departments if the organization under this study with the right information. Information from primary source was gathered using questionnaire and interviews. Data collected was coded, analyzed, and presented utilizing graphs, tables, frequencies which was done using SPSS version 25.0. Correlation and regression analysis of the study variable was done. The results showed that entire strategic planning process was statistically affecting achievement of goals/ objectives (B=0.569, p-value=.000). The findings indicated regression coefficients for employee satisfaction rate. It felt that feedback during strategic planning was statistically significant to employee satisfaction rate (B=.450, p-value=0.000). Results shown that entire strategic planning process, and following the right procedures is statistically affecting employee satisfaction rate (B=0.280, p-value=.001). The second research objective demonstrated that Jali Finance Ltd provides resources with a strong agreement with 54.4%, however, only 40.8% strongly accepted management deploys resources on time to support the strategic formulation and execution. Deploying resources on time was significantly correlated with achievement of goals/ objectives (b=0.395, p-value=0.006). Thus, knowledge on risks was significantly affecting achievement of goals/ objectives increase (b=0.866, p-value=0.000). The study suggests Jali Finance Ltd prioritize improving the skills and dedication of its staff, recognizing their value as the company's most asset. Effective leadership and enhanced communication channels are recommended to foster information flow and feedback among all employees.

Keywords: Strategic Planning Practices, Performance of Micro-Finance Industry, Jali Finance Ltd, Rwanda

Author Biographies

Ms. Francine Abeza, Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda

School of Business and Economics, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Strategic Management, Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda

Dr. Gitahi Njenga, Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda

Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda


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Abeza, F., & Njenga, G. (2023). Strategic Planning Practices and Performance of Micro-Finance Industry in Rwanda: A Case of Study of Jali Finance Ltd. Journal of Strategic Management, 7(4), 42–61.




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