How to Critique a Journal Article

Most scholars and practitioners are passionate about learning how to critique a journal article. Journal article critique is a formal evaluation of a journal article or any type of literary or scientific content. As a careful, complete examination of a study, journal article critique judges the strengths, weaknesses, logical links, meanings and significance of the […]

Journal Article Publishing: Typology of Mixed Methods Types of Legitimation

Just before you are ready for journal article publishing, you need to interpret your data legitimation. Data legitimation is a critical component of any publishing endeavour. Fundamentally, data legitimation refers to the limit with which your data comes with. No piece of information does not have any limitations. The nature of conversation of legitimation and […]

Journal Article Publication in Contemporary Scholarly

The work of journal article publication is as old as the history of writing itself.  Academic publishing started in Europe during on Monday, 5 January 1665. Two months later saw the first appearance of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, which could become a crucial tool for academic publishing in the years that followed. […]

How to Write a Journal Article

New authors usually start with a worry of how to write a journal article. Writing a journal article is a simple process just like any form of writing. However, an article for publication in scholarly journals requires an additional rigor. The work to be published is meant to inform future research and even policy formulation. […]

Journal Article Publishing: Sources of Data and the associated Data Analysis Procedures

Once a researcher can identify what they would love to focus on when publishing a journal, they may seek to source for data. Before you can partake in journal article publishing, then you need to know the various data sources and how to use them well. It is also highly advisable that you group multiple […]

Journal Article Publishing: All You Need To Know About e-Journals

Journals article publishing has been in existence since the 1980s and hence have gone through several transformations. Among those transformations, we have the integration of technology into the whole journal publishing environment. It is useful to get to know the genesis of everything that we are using up to date. Let us take a look […]

Journal Article Publishing: What you need to know about journals

Journal articles are very informative pieces of information that may help you in your research. This is because journal article publishing is based on extensive research. One exciting thing you need to know about them is the fact that there is so much research that goes into their writing and later publications. There are academic […]

Journal Article Publishing: Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Even before you can figure out whether or not to publish your journal article, you need to have some plan of collecting data. Information is an essential structure of your project of journal article publishing. In this case, you need to have some sources of where you will get this information. In-depth research is necessary […]