How to Publish  a Journal Article

How to Publish a Journal Article

Scholars are striving to contribute knowledge to the world by learning simple tips relating to how to publish a journal article. The journal article publishing arena is becoming complex and dynamic across time and place. New regulations and requirements regarding publishing a research article are coming up frequently to regulate the arena of journal article publication. The role of both authors and publishers is to keep abreast of the changes if they want to achieve their objectives. Thus, the journal article publishing landscape features multiple players and areas of consideration that you need to know as you plan to make a research publication or two.

Publish or Perish: Getting it Right from the Start

‘Publish or perish’ is a phrase that dates back to 1932. Coolidge intended to inform the scholarly world that it has only two options: publish or publish, lest they could perish. Journal article publishing has now become not just optional but obligatory. Thus, every scholar who has gone to school is striving to have at least few research works in high impact journal article publishing sites.

Is It Necessary for Me to Publish?

Scientific journal article publishing is not an option to scholars. Publishing journal articles should not just be a one-time event, but a continuous process during the entire life of a scholar. Scholars are using frequent publication as one of the few powerful methods to demonstrate their academic talent to peers. Through journal article publishing, scholars enhance the visibility of their institutions and individual work. Undergoing undergo a journal article publishing journey is crucial to both individuals and institutions. On the same note, it has been noted that academic institutions such as universities rely on number of publications to give credit on the measure of individual competency. Although there has been questions over increased unethical practices in the world of journal article publishing, most of the works that individuals and institutions publish provide solid background for current and future research.

What Do I Need to Publish?

There is an ongoing scramble for the journal article publishing space. This could be caused by the requirements by academic institutions for dons to publish continuously during their academic lives in order to update and prove their knowledge in their areas of concentration. The journey of journal article publishing starts with having a passion in a brilliant idea that you want the world and your future generations to read. Without a passion in a given idea, work produced may not be very effective because it is not guided by your intrinsic interest. The reason I am insisting on something you are passionate about is you will give it your whole self to produce the best.  

Who Will Publish?

You have the privilege publishing your work. You will do it from the beginning to the end. Although there are some reputable organizations that provide training and support for authors undertaking journal article publishing, the author does most of the work. Given that publishing journal articles is not an examination, you are allowed to work with other scholars who have an interest in your area of interest. This way, the journey to publishing will not only be interactive, but also less costly. However, when choosing the people to publish with, make sure they share the same passions, dreams and aspirations as you.

How Will I Publish?

How to publish a journal article is a key question in journal article publishing landscape. Many authors write exceptional manuscripts, but do not know exact places where they publish. During the older days, journals were created in print in terms of issues and volumes. Your article could be added into the relevant issue and volume once it is accepted. However, with advanced technologies, the journal article publication is undergoing a series of changes. These days, you need to identify a reputable journal site and submit your manuscript to the chief editor. The article will be published once it is accepted. in case you have any queries or want particular clarifications, you can contact the journal site admins using provided email addresses (preferably) or phone numbers (if included).

When Will I Publish?

You can publish anytime. However, you need to give editors a good number of days to review your work, send you feedback, work on the feedback and submit for review before you can be allowed to publish. The faster you address the review changes, the faster you will achieve your journal article publishing objective. You need to understand that editors in most popular journals such as Stratford Peer Reviewed Books & Journal Publishing and African Journal of Emerging Issues are working on several manuscripts submissions. Therefore, you need to check your submission timing for them to publish your work in time.  

Will My Work be Visible?

The visibility of your work depends on the popularity of the site that you publish in. High profile journals create journal article previews of the best articles and publishes them in their social media platforms. This way, they not only increase wider reach and usability of your information (something you should pride about), but also increases your visibility as the author. Your visibility enhances their awareness that you know how to publish a journal article from scratch and that you can be relied as a source of knowledge. Remember, you are not engaging in journal article publishing just for fun, but you are looking for something more substantial: to educate and open up opportunities for self. The only way you can achieve this is by choosing a journal that does not just put your article in its site, but select the one that does the best in marketing itself for your benefit.

You can also do marketing of your article as the author. You know other scholar or students or generally readers who have an interest in your subject area. Use all types of platforms to share with them. Through your work, they cannot only know how to publish a journal article, but also gather a wide array of information that they can use for their research and practice. You can write a short preview of your work and share it in your Facebook timeline and Twitter handle. Moreover, you are in several WhatsApp groups that you can make use of. You do not need to share the PDF, but copy the link from the site where your article is published and share it. Link sharing is the best option because it is not bulky and takes the reader directly to the journal article publishing site.

What Else DO I Need to Know

There is still more to learn regarding how to publish a journal article. You can visit some of the most recognised journal article publishing sites and read other guidelines about the art and fun of journal article publishing. For example, Stratford Peer Reviewed Books & Journal Publishing have detailed explanations of processes, procedures, requirements and other aspects that you could like to know about journal article publishing.


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