Journal Article Publishing: Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Journal Article Publishing: Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Even before you can figure out whether or not to publish your journal article, you need to have some plan of collecting data. Information is an essential structure of your project of journal article publishing. In this case, you need to have some sources of where you will get this information. In-depth research is necessary even if you have to pay for it, and at the same time, you also need to compare data with other publishers and authors, for instance.

Here are some data collection methods that you may use to have your work easy.


Interviews are very relevant when it comes to research for journal article publishing as they help you assess experiences from a face to face perspective. A researcher needs to have a plan beforehand of the questions to be asked so that they can enquire about the crucial areas. Some of the levels of structuring the interview that we have are the structured interview, open/in-depth, and semi-structured. Before you publish a journal article, you need to do some interviews.

Observational Methods

With these methods, researchers can stay keen on people’s actions daily. There are participatory and non-participatory observational methods. In participatory observational methods, we have collecting documents and interviews. With non-participatory approaches, we have video recordings and voice recordings.

Document Analysis

With this qualitative method of data collection, you get data from existing sources. In this case, you are extracting data from already verified sources of information that have been there for quote dome time.

You need to have some document analysis before your journal article publication. Some of the examples of the sources you may get data from are personal documents, government reports, articles in newspapers, and medical records.

Quality Procedures

Under this one, there are some strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of the research. Journal article publishing involves all these methods so that you can publish a legit manuscript at the end of the day. For credibility, we have triangulation. The purpose of this one is to utilize different information sources, agents, strategies, or hypothesis to the degree conceivable to give supporting proof.

Narrative model

Your journal article needs some more detailed strategy of data collection so that you can publish a legit journal article such as this one. The story model happens over broadened time-frames and assembles data as it occurs. Like a story account, it takes subjects at a beginning stage and survey circumstances as snags or openings happen, even though the last report doesn’t generally stay in the subsequent request.

Case Study model

The case study model gives an inside and out see one guinea pig. The subject can be an individual or family, business or association, or a town or city. Information is gathered from different sources and arranged to utilize the subtleties to make a higher-end. This method can be helpful when you are trying to get some new readers for your journal article.

The above methods are very efficient in data collection strategies. You can gather so much information with the help of any of the aforementioned qualitative data collection method for your journal.

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