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Article Publishing

The centrality of publishing a journal article in a high impact journal cannot be understated. Recently, a talk about charlatanry (person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill) in the world of academics and journal article publishing has increased. Publishing a journal article is not only a crucial aspect for graduates who are determined to advance in their fields of practice, but also an excellent approach towards availing sources of information for other scholars and students. Although some of the universities, lecturers and students received the journal article publishing requirement with some degree of disinclination, it has now been rolled out and everyone is viewing it from a more positive perspective. Publishing a journal article before being cleared for graduation is now a reality.

How to start the journey of article publishing

Publishing a journal article is simpler than writing the project/thesis. By the time you are planning to publish, you have already defended your research proposal, collected data, and your final deliverable marked. Just a step is remaining for your name to be included in the graduation list. Follow the following steps. If you are writing a journal article from scratch, it means you will have organized your work such that you are ready to execute the process as explained below.

  • Create a journal article

What you need to do now is selecting a variable or a certain area aspect of interest that you could like people to know more. Your research project/thesis has covered several areas and it is a huge kind of booklet. Journal article publishing firms do not publish huge projects in their site, but require a summarized content that focuses on a specific issue. From the variable selected, create a journal article that you will forward for publishing. The article you create will be subjected to the peer review process and be published if it passes the criteria. There are three responses that you will receive from the review process; these will determine your next steps in the publishing journey.

  • Select a publishing site

The next step after creating an article is to select a journal in which it will be published. There are several journals in which you can choose to publish in. However, you do not need to just select a journal because it is cheap than another; you need to consider the quality and prestige aspects of a journal site before you forward your article. 

  • Select a specific journal in which your article will be published

There are usually several journals within a given site classified according to subject areas. Examples are Education, Economics, Health and Medicine, Business and Management, Agriculture, Information Technology and many more. Each publishing site may have different subject areas depending on the areas they are interest in. under each subject area we have several journals, which specify further the area of focus. For example, under the subject of Education, you may find journals such as journal of finance and accounting, journal of marketing and communication, and journal of strategic management. You may select a journal by yourself if you are sure, but if not, the publishing firm’s editors will work with you to identify the relevant journal for your work.

  • Submit your journal article for publishing

You can submit your journal article to the publishing firm using either email or submission button located somewhere in the website. Before submitting, make sure you have thoroughly read your work and ensured that you have met all the requirements of the site in which you want to publish. This is to avoid time wastage and delay your graduation because most articles are rejected by the chief editor after taking time to review. You will also be required to address the comments, which you will resubmit and a review done again. This is time consuming, isn’t it? To avoid this, follow all the publishing guidelines closely.

  • Make the necessary payments

There is a continuing debate that has arose regarding whether authors should pay or should be paid when they publish their work. Looking at it closely, publishing is more beneficial to the author than the publishing firm. The publishing firm is providing a ‘house’ to store the author’s work from in a place from where it will be more visible to the world. Visibility of your work can increase your opportunities because as the world reads your amazing work, some organizations or individuals may need your services in your area of expertise. This way, you can easily land a lucrative consultant project. Alternatively, we can look at it from the viewpoint of the work done in terms of reviews before your journal article is accepted for publishing. It takes time and effort. Several editors spend sleepless nights to produce reviews and guide authors on how to ensure that the journal article passes the test of publishing, what is paid for is actually reviewing fee not the publication fee per se. Therefore, you will need to call or follow the steps detailed in the site to make payments that will accompany your submitted journal article.

  • Receive the link and certificate

Immediately after publishing your journal article, you will receive the link and certificate. Your university will require to provide a proof of publication when you apply for graduation. Send the link where your journal article is published and a publishing certificate. You will use the channels of communication that the institution requests. You can also share your publishing with your friends and encourage them to use your work in writing papers. The more you are cited, the higher you rise in the world of academia. Publishing can also add you a qualification when applying promotions and/or attending job interviews; therefore, regard your publishing certificate similar to other academic credentials

What to do when you are completely stuck 

The extraction process can be challenging because it requires a given set of skills and understanding. If you find it really difficult to do it alone, ask your supervisor to work on it with you. He/she will guide you step by step. You can also work with other course mates from same or different institutions. Working as a team will not only help you create a rapport with your friends, but will also be a fundamental milestone for your future publishing endeavors. At some point, you may need specialized guidance and training in journal article extraction and publishing. There are professional firms that can offer valuable assistance and guidance to ensure you understand the technicalities of journal article publishing.

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