Strategic Leadership and Performance of Health Care Workers in the Northeastern Counties of Kenya


  • Abdikadir Ore Ahmed The Management University of Africa
  • Dr. Dinah Keino The Management University of Africa
  • Dr. Paul Machoka The Management University of Africa



The Kenya Constitution in 2010 devolved health services provision to counties. Under the county governments, the provision of the health services have faced many challenges relating to human resource management, remuneration, service delivery and turnover hence begging the question as to whether counties have the capacity to manage the health function. Hence, the study sought to establish the relationship between strategic leadership and performance of health care workers in North Eastern Kenya counties. The study was anchored on the upper echelons theory. A descriptive cross sectional research design was used. The study target population was 3,000 Health care workers and 10 health managers in the counties. The sample size for the health care workers was 353 obtained using Yamane Formular. Besides, a census approach was undertaken for the health managers in the counties. The number of the health managers are few and manageable. Questionnaire was used to collect the data. Both descriptive and inferential analysis was done on the collected data. The study findings indicated that strategic leadership (idealized influence, vision development, inspirational motivation and contingent reward) is positively and significantly related performance of health care workers in North Eastern Counties of Kenya. The study recommended the management within the counties (health managers) need to exercise strategic leadership and all health professions be registered with a professional regulatory body. The health workers should be encouraged to remain in North Eastern regions despite the circumstances. The authorities mandated with quality health provision to coordinate and harmonize the development of health policies and laws that are effective and applicable to all.

Keywords: Strategic leadership, performance, health care workers, northeastern counties, kanya

Author Biographies

Abdikadir Ore Ahmed, The Management University of Africa

Post Graduate Student, The Management University of Africa

Dr. Dinah Keino , The Management University of Africa

Lecturer, School of Management and Leadership, The Management University of Africa

Dr. Paul Machoka, The Management University of Africa

Lecturers, School of Management and Leadership, The Management University of Africa


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Ahmed, A. O. ., Keino , D. ., & Machoka, P. . (2022). Strategic Leadership and Performance of Health Care Workers in the Northeastern Counties of Kenya. Journal of Human Resource & Leadership, 6(4), 103–121.




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