Publishing a Journal Article-Critical Steps

Publishing a Journal Article-Critical Steps

There are critical steps to publishing a journal article that you need to learn. You may be wondering what a journal article is. Just like a magazine, a journal is a composition of various articles that get published frequently throughout the year. In most cases, these are written by pros for their fellow experts as well in what is called peer-to-peer reviewed content. Journals are a bit shorter than books, and they are written about particular headings.

If you would wish to publish a journal article, you need to understand that it has to go through an editorial board that ascertains the legibility of the content.

  • Find and Build an Area of Interest

When you want to write and research about something, you need to find some interest in it. It is effortless when you are researching something which you are passionate about as you will get enough information about it.

  • Define the Genre of the Work

Generally, there are two significant categories of the basing of the journals. It could either be empirically based or non-empirically based. Empirically based would mean that you are generating data from direct observation and actual evidence. Non-empirically based journals, on the other hand, are obtained from theory and methodologies.

  • Determine the Dissemination Channel

Before you can figure out the journal article publication, you need to get to know the sites to get your journal published. As an author, your various outlets are; internet websites, government documents, company reports, poems, trade catalogs, among many others.

  • Determine the Goal of the Journal Article

It is significant for creators to distinguish the objective of their works since it encourages them to make proper methodological, calculated and hypothetical choices. The goal could be to test new ideas, generate new ideas, examine the past, predict or add to the knowledge base.

  • Determine the Recipient of the Journal

Who is your primary audience? You need to answer this question before your journal article publishing. This will help you to determine the depth of your language and the terminologies to use in the manuscripts.

  • Determine the Data to be collected

You need to ascertain the data to be gathered, both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative information can be extricated using the utilization of estimation instruments, for example, government-sanctioned tests. Qualitative data can be collected from documents, interviews, observations, images, or non-verbal communication.

  • Consider Sponsors for the Project

When it comes to empirically-based journals, there may be more work involved. For instance, the cost of administering surveys and the cost of analyzing data. For students who are not earning some decent income, it may not be easy to conduct comprehensive research. Some institutions offer some financial help, such as the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

  • Respond When Your Editors have accepted your Manuscript

Last but not least is to be ready to respond to the reviews by editors once it has been accepted. There may be some errors that you may need to look into. You may receive a feedback after 48-72 hours to make your corrections. Fundamentally, you and your co-authors should read these errors very cautiously because any mistakes that you miss will show up in the published article.

Strictly following the above steps to journal article publishing will ease your work and enhance your speed towards article publication.

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